FB-3000 FAQs


  • Grooved rubber feet to keep flat bench in place.
  • Grippy padded material to prevent slipping during workout.

Hardware Needed:

  • Hardware Needed: 17 mm or 11/16” socket or wrench, 19 mm or ¾" socket or wrench.

Assembly Tips and Tricks:

  • Lay frame body top facing down.
  • Attach vertical bars to frame using four M12x70 square neck bolt, nut and washer.
  • Attach horizontal feet to vertical bars using four M12x70 bolt, nut and washer.
  • Slide on rubber feet.
  • Attach pad to bench frame using six M10x20 bolt and washer.
  • Finally tighten the vertical bars to the main frame, starting from the outside bolt and then inner most bolt.
  • Then tighten down the bolts that attach the horizontal feet to the vertical posts in an X pattern.
  • Finally tighten down the pad to the main frame.


  • If there is excessive wobbling or unevenness on the bench, hold the bench down on one side and loosen the bolts down on that side. After that, tighten down until bench is level. 

Common Questions:

  • Can I store this bench vertically?
    • Yes, however there will be pressure on the pad and therefore there is potential damage to the pad.

Applicable warranty info

  • Structural welds on frame: LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (Home use and commercial).
  • Pad: 30-days (Home use and commercial).

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