FB-4000 FAQs


  • Grooved rubber feet to keep flat bench in place and protect your floors.
  • Grippy padded material to prevent slipping during workout.
  • Front handle and rear wheels let you move the bench easily around your home or garage gym.

Pad Options:

  • Standard: 2.5" thick, 12" wide, grippy, high density.
  • Wide Pad compatible: 48.5" x 14" x 4"
  • Top of standard pad is 17” from floor

Common Questions:

  • Why would I choose a FB-4000 over a FB-3000?
    • The FB-4000 gives you the competition features similar to a FB-5000, but weighs less and therefore it is a more economical option. It is ideal for those who want a 3-post design, but aren't planning on moving serious weight.
    • It's tripod base makes it ideal for back support and leg drive during bench press (like FB-5000).
  • Can I store this bench vertically?
    • Yes, however there will be pressure on the pad and therefore there is potential damage to the pad.

Tools Needed:

  • 17 mm or 11/16” socket or wrench, 19 mm or ¾" socket or wrench

Assembly Tips and Tricks:

  • Start by attaching the rear post to the rear wheelbase using two M12x100 square neck bolt, nut and washer.
  • Flip the main frame on its back, attach the front post and the already assembled rear wheel post using four M12x100 square neck bolts.
  • Tighten the front post and rear wheel post to the main frame, starting from the outside bolt and then inner most bolt.
  • Finally attach the pad to the bench.


  • If there is excessive wobbling or unevenness on the bench, hold the bench down on one side and loosen the bolts on that side. After that tight down until bench is level.
  • For the best bet to ensure the pad holes line up, start with the middle bolts.


  • Can clean with any household cleaner (other than bleach) and a damp cloth.

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