AB-3100 FAQs


  • Grooved rubber feet to keep bench in place.
  • Back pad adjustments range from flat to ~90 degree incline (6 ladder adjustments).
    • 0, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90.
  • 3 seat adjustments (ladder).
  • Re-designed adjustment ladder for easier adjustment and rubber coated contact for less noise.

Common Questions:

  • Why would I choose a FB-4000 over a FB-3000?
    • Ladder seat adjustment.
    • Skinnier seat pad that doesn’t get in the way of seated movements.
    • Similar “3-post” design to the competition flat benches for solid foot placement.


  • M10x95, M8x20 
  • Tools needed: 17 mm or 11/16 socket and wrench, 14 mm or 9/16 socket and wrench.

Assembly Tips and Tricks:

  • Begin with attaching the vertical post to the wheelbase using (1) M8x20 (bolt comes pre-attached to the vertical post).
  • Next, attach the wheelbase using (2) M10x95 bolt, washers and nut.
  • Attach the back pad using (3) M8x20 bolt and washer to the back frame.
  • Finally, attach the seat pad using (2) M8x20 bolt and washer. 


  • If the ladder bar is having issues riding the ladder rails smoothly, loosen the bolts that attach the ladder bar to the back frame slightly.
  • For the best bet to ensure the pad holes line up, start with the middle bolts.

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