AB-5100 FAQs


  • Grooved rubber feet to keep flat bench in place.
  • Grippy padded material to prevent slipping during workout.
  • Decline capability with leg attachment.

Common Questions:

  • Why would I choose the AB-5100?
    • Pop pins for seat and back pad adjustments.
    • Narrow front post for optimal feet placement.
    • Ideal for commercial use because of the familiarity to other commercial benches at gyms.
    • Ability to add the leg attachment opens up decline options and adds versatility. 
  • What are the main differences between the AB-5000 and AB-5100? 
    • The main difference between the 5000 and 5100 is the seat design. The AB-5000 ZeroGap eliminates the gap between the back and seat pads. The AB-5100 is a rock-solid bench that has a minimal pad gap (4"). Both are commercial grade, but the simplicity of the seat design on the 5100 lends itself better to larger commercial gyms. The AB-5000 ZG has a unique design that needs a few seconds of explanation, which is often not given in larger commercial/apartment gyms, but it is awesome for home & garage gyms, athletic facilities with coaches/S&C coaches around, and smaller training facilities like personal training centers, studios, and hardcore gyms.
  • Can I store this bench vertically?
    • Yes, however there will be pressure on the pad and therefore there is potential damage to the pad.


  • M12x90 square neck, M10x50 hex screw.

Assembly Tips and Tricks:

  • When assembling the back pad, you will need to loosely thread the bolts in middle section. Then begin to thread the other 4 bolts in. Once all bolts are loosely threaded, tighten middle section first. Then tighten other 4 bolts in an “X” pattern.
  • Tighten base bolts in an “X” pattern as well.


  • If there is any play in the back or seat pad, tighten bolts on each frame.

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