AB-5200 FAQs


  • High-grip pad material with ultra-dense foam core, backed by 3/4" plywood.
  • 7 back pad adjustments with laser cut degree markings in 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 85 degrees.
  • 3 seat pad adjustments to find the perfect angle.
  • Ladder back design with cage. Nylon cover over bolts to protect paint on the ladders.
  • Oversize stainless-steel handle and wheels with a low lift-off point for easy maneuverability.
  • 1.8" pad gap in the flat position while keeping the hinge below the pad level. This ensures your tailbone doesn't rest on a high rising hinge like other competitor's benches.

Common Questions:

  • Why would I choose the AB-5200?
    • Space-saving design allows bench to be stored in upright position without risking pad damage.
    • Optional spotter deck accessory for optimal spotter performance.
    • Weighs in at 125lbs, making it the heaviest and most durable bench in the REP bench line up.
    • Easy ladder adjustments on both the seat and back pad for quick and secure adjustments.
  • Can I store this bench vertically?
    • You can! The AB-5200 is the only bench designed to allow for vertical storage without risking pad damage.


  • M12x95 bolts, M10x25.


  • The side-to-side stability of the back pad is controlled by the hinge between the back pad and seat. It is pre-tightened for you, but may need to be loosened (for easier adjustment) or tightened (for more stability) to suit your preference. 

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