PR-5000 FAQs


  • Fully customizable rack.
    • With 3 different height and 2 depth options, there are a total of 6 configurations to fit a PR-5000 in whatever size space you're working with.
  • 3x3" 11-gauge steel with oversize 1" diameter hardware.
  • 2" hole spacing throughout entire rack.
  • Stainless steel accents on j-cups and other attachments for a high-end classic look.
  • Laser-cut numbering on the front and back of uprights and each side of crossmembers for ease of lining up j-cups, safeties, and other attachments.


  • Total footprint including foot plates (LxW):
    • With 41" crossmembers selected: 50x50.5"
    • With 30" crossmembers selected: 39 x 50.5"

Common Questions:

  • Do I need to bolt down my rack?
    • We recommend bolting down your rack if you plan to use the front spotter arms without the front feet, or if you plan to use the pull-up bar for kipping movements.
  • Why is the Clear Coat color more expensive than the other colors?
    • This color is achieved by using a specially prepared steel combined with a metal grinder and a clear powder coat to give it a raw brushed steel look, while maintaining the rust-resistance of a powder coat. In addition, the rack shows less wear over time due to the finish and clearcoat making it difficult to notice any imperfections.
  • What are the differences between the Flat and Rounded Sandwich J-cups?
    • Both styles are fully UHMW lined to offer complete protection for your bar's knurl. The Flat model has a larger opening that is ideal for oversize/powerlifting bars, while the rounded has a secure "doesn't move" resting point and Dual-lock wraparound design for extra peace of mind with heavy weight.
  • Why would I select flip down vs strap safeties?
    • While both options are an upgrade from the standard pin-pipe version, which upgrade you choose will depend on your training style.
      • Flip downs - Not only are these there to help you with a failed lift, but they also provide you with a pulling platform for exercises like rack pulls.
      • Strap safeties - Designed to prevent knurling damage to your bar from any missed lifts. Also, unlike other safety options, strap safeties can be mounted with the ends of each strap hanging at different heights. This allows you to position the strap in a way that will allow the barbell to safely roll away from you when dropping it.
  • Are other brand's attachments compatible?
    • Due to machining variables, we cannot guarantee compatibility with other brands. With that being said, the PR-5000v2 should work with most Rogue Monster single-pin attachments since they are both using 1" hardware and 2" spacing (landmine, weight horns, j cups, etc). It's when there are multiple pins that there could be a slight difference in the spacing (even just a mm off).

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