PR-1100 FAQs


  • A full featured power rack that won't break the bank, but gives you all the professional features you want! 
  • Comes with a multi-grip pullup bar, ideal for traditional, neutral, close or wide-grip pullups. 
  • Numbered uprights makes for faster and easier attachment adjustments.
  • Plastic lined j-cups reduces noise and protects your barbells knurling.


  • Box Dims: 81x16x8"
  • Footprint: 84x48x47.5"
  • Working area: 79x44x45.5"

Available Attachments:

  • Dip
  • Lat and Row
  • Weight Storage
  • Landmine
  • Weight Horns

Common Questions:

  • What are the differences between the PR-1000 and 1100?
    • Both of these racks are great quality, but there are slight differences that could sway you one way or the other. Below are those main differences:
      • The PR-1000 offers two separate and different sized pull up bars (a 1.25" in the front and a 2" single in the back) while the PR-1100 offers the multi grip pull up bar.
      • The PR-1000 has 2" hole spacing and the 1100 has 3" hole spacing.
      • The PR-1000 has an extra 2" of workable space between the uprights.
      • The PR-1000 comes with weight horns at the back base of the rack. These add the option for weight storage as well as weighing down the rack for additional stability.
      • Overall the PR-1000 is valued at a higher price because it is a little more stable rack. 
  • What size socket and wrench are needed for the PR-1100? 
    • 17mm socket and wrench.
  • Can I add band pegs to my rack?
    • Due to the weight of the rack and a potential for tipping, banded movements are not recommended and therefore band peg holes are not included.
  • Can I bolt my 1100 down?
    • Neither 1000 series power racks can be bolted down.

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