PR-1000 FAQs


  • A solid rack designed to fit under your budget and under your ceiling!
  • Includes dual pull up bars - a standard 1.25" bar, and a thick 2" bar in the back for working on your grip strength.
  • Numbered uprights makes for faster and easier attachment adjustments.
  • Plastic lined j-cups reduces noise and protects your barbells knurling.
  • Rear base pegs act as weight storage, as well as a source of stabilization.
  • 700lb weight capacity on jcups/safeties. 400lb weight capacity on pull up bar and dip attachment (dip attachment sold separately).


  • Box 1 Dims: 83x9x7", Box 2 Dims: 62x12x5"
  • Footprint: 83x48x48"
  • Working area: 26" depth, 44" wide

Available Attachments:

  • Dip Attachment
  • Lat and Row
  • Weight Storage
  • J-Cups
  • Landmine
  • Weight Horns

Common Questions:

  • What are the differences between the PR-1000 and 1100?
    • Both of these racks are great quality, but there are slight differences that could sway you one way or the other. Below are those main differences:
      • The PR-1000 offers two separate and different sized pull up bars (a 1.25" in the front and a 2" single in the back) while the PR-1100 offers the multi grip pull up bar.
      • The PR-1000 has 2" hole spacing and the 1100 has 3" hole spacing.
      • The PR-1000 has an extra 2" of workable space between the uprights.
      • The PR-1000 comes with weight horns at the back base of the rack. These add the option for weight storage as well as weighing down the rack for additional stability.
      • Overall the PR-1000 is valued at a higher price because it is a little more stable rack.
  • Can I add band pegs to my rack?
    • Due to the weight of the rack and a potential for tipping, banded movements are not recommended and therefore band peg holes are not included.
  • Can I bolt my PR-1000 down?
    • Neither 1000 series power racks can be bolted down. The PR-1000 does, however, come with 2 rear base horns, which allow you to store weight plates and secure the rack. This will especially help when performing dips and the need to act counter weight to the rack.
  • Will the 1000-series weight storage work with the short PR-1050 rack?
    • The PRA-1400 weight storage is NOT compatible with the PR-1050.

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