Dumbbell FAQs


  • Adjustable Dumbbells: Allows for multiple weight options out of a single dumbbell. A Great Space Saver!
  • Rubber Grip: The rubber grip dumbbells are also more compact than their standard rubber hex counterparts. This saves space on your rack and gives you room to add more weights. The rubber grip is ideal for colder environments where touching metal handles is uncomfortable.
  • Rubber Hex: Made from premium low odor rubber, our dumbbells are a classic rubber coated hex design that is quiet and easy on your floors. Full knurl gives you a secure grip on the dumbbell at any weight.
  • Urethane Coated: Solid steel dumbbells with a very durable urethane coating. Perfect for commercial settings. CPU urethane coating--the most durable urethane available

Common Questions:

  • How many dumbbell racks do I need for my set?
    • 5-50: 1 REP Dumbbell Rack
    • 5-75: 2 REP Dumbbell Racks
    • 5-100: 2 REP Dumbbell Racks (3 pairs will remain on the floor)
  • Why would I get Rubber Grip over the regular Hex dumbbells?
    • The rubber-coated handle eliminates the risk of rusting, chipping or peeling with use. With a rubber handle, there's also no need to “warm up” the dumbbell. These dumbbells provide a fully textured handle that gives you the same grip as knurled steel and holds chalk well, but doesn't completely undo your warmup.
  • Why is there oil on my Dumbbells?
    • There may be a protective oil when the dumbbells are brand new, but that oil will go away after a few weeks of use. You can use a dry rag to wipe off the oil.

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