Plates FAQs

Common Questions:
  • Will your plates fit on my axel bar?
    • As long as the axel bar has a 2" diameter for the sleeve, there should not be any issues with our plates fitting the bar. 
  • Do your plates bounce high when dropped? 
    • We don't consider there to be an abnormal bouncing height when dropping our plates. If the exercise is properly done and controlled, there should not be any issues. 
  • Should I get bumper or iron plates?
    • Bumper plates are manufactured to withstand several drops onto the floor, which is desirable for Olympic style lifting (snatch, clean and jerk, hang cleans, etc.) where you are dropping the plates onto the ground most often. Iron plates are better made for lifts that do not involve the weights hitting the ground (bench press, squats, curls, etc.), because they can cause damage to the flooring, the barbell and to the plates themselves.
  • Can I load bumper and iron plates on the same bar?
    • We do not recommend this because irons and bumper plates can have slightly different diameters, meaning all of the force from dropping the weights goes into the larger plate causing those plates and your barbell to wear more quickly. It is best to keep all plates on your bar of the same type.
  • What makes the equalizer plates better than the regular iron plates?
    • Equalizer plates are manufactured with a machine drilled center hole, which is desirable for a tight fit on a barbell. It is sand blasted and machined for a smooth surface, which mitigates any sharp edges on the plate. They are powder-coated and baked for 1 hour for superior toughness and resistance to chipping. They also have symmetrical grip holes for easy lifting off the ground/using individual plates in exercises.
  • Are your iron plates machine drilled?
    • Our standard iron plates are not machine drilled; the iron equalizer option would be our recommendation if you're looking for a machine drilled variant of our iron plates.
  • What is the size of the center hole?
    • All of our weight plates have 2” holes.
  • Can the plates be dropped?
    • Bumper plates are designed to be dropped since they are made of solid virgin rubber and will not harm flooring or surrounding equipment. It is not recommended to drop any of our Iron Plates, even if they are covered in rubber or urethane. Dropping these plates can cause cracking.

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